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Structural Steel Fabrication

At Iron Sights we offer Misc. Structural Steel Services. Some examples of this are:

  • Custom brackets specified in a plan
  • Buckets for connection purposes
  • Columns
  • Beams
  • And More.

The reason Iron Sights calls it Misc. Structural Steel is because we stick to the small jobs. These are the jobs where the contractor or owner builder doesn’t require a massive structural steel company to come in and do a small job with a big price tag.

Usually the big structural companies will not even bid on these small jobs.

We offer the same benefits of a Massive Structural Steel Company without the big price tag. The only difference is the customer/Contractor does the installation. It’s very simple and easy to do.

Here is what you can expect from Iron Sights:

  • We handle all the fabrication needs.
  • We supply you with all the certifications required by the engineer for the building department.
  • All welding is done by an AWS certified structural welder.
  • We have partnered with a CWI Inspection Company, so we can get the inspection reports done quickly.
  • We handle all discrepancies or changes required for the structural steel in the building plans and will deal with the engineers on a one on one basis to make your project become a breeze.
  • We handle all protective coatings required by the engineer in the building plans.
  • We offer technical support to our customers. We will even come out to your job site and answer your questions, showing you what is required to be done and walk you through it.
  • All welds will conform to the most current edition of the AWS D1.1.
  • All ASTM requirements are met.

To see some of the products we have fabricated, please Click Here

Please note:

Iron Sights builds everything to the most current California Building Code Title 24. Iron Sights does not deviate from the code, so please do not ask us to.

Iron Sights exceeds the industry standards on the products Iron Sights Offers.

Iron Sights follows the plans and specifications set in place by the engineer. In the event the customer wants to change the specs or deviate from the engineer’s stamped plans, Iron Sights requires all changes to be on a plan showing the new specifications set in place by the engineer and it needs to be signed or stamped by the engineer.