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Custom Fabrication & Proto-Types

At Iron Sights we offer Custom Fabrication & Proto-Type design and fabrication services.
Some of our customers have been:

  • Oceanside Police Department (Custom Fabrication)
  • Comtec, Inc. (Proto-Type & Full Production)
  • Kendal Floral.( Proto-Type & Full Production)
  • Enzo’s BBQ (Custom Fabrication)
  • And More.

Iron Sights has the capacity of building one-off designs to several products depending on the customer’s requirements. Iron Sights will handle the project from start to finish with the customer by our side every step of the way.

Iron Sights will give you professional advice when it comes to making changes so you can feel like you don’t have to do it alone.

Here’s what we do for your Proto-Type Design & Fabrication needs:

  • Assist you with Design
  • Build proto-type #1
  • Assist you with Research & Development
  • Modify proto-type #1
  • Full scale production (if applicable)

Here’s what we do for your Custom Design & Fabrication needs:

  • Gather all required information
  • Give you a set of plans showing desired work to be fabricated (if applicable.)
  • Fabricate you product

To see some of the products we have fabricated, please Click Here.